Saturday, September 1, 2012

Top 10 Reasons Why An Empty Chair is Better than President Obama

I stole this picture from Heidi Harris's Facebook Page.  Hope she doesn't mind.

OK, not a bad start, but there are so many more reasons.  For example:

Wouldn't attempt to divide the country by race, gender, class. 

Wouldn't sue states for attempting to enforce laws he refuses to enforce. 

Wouldn't try to raise taxes during a "fragile economy"--something he himself said two years ago was a terrible idea. 

Wouldn't try to win re-election by totally ignoring his own failed record and try to make his opponent--a good, decent, hugely successful man--look like an evil, tax-cheating, felon and murderer. 

The list is endless.  The chair wouldn't be a bad choice, but Mitt Romney is a terrific choice.

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