Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Claire McCaskill Opposes Abortion for Rape Victims, Thinks "Legitimate Rape" is An Acceptable Phrase

And also thinks that a woman who is raped--if it is a "legitimate rape--can shut her body down so she can't get pregnant.


Isn't Claire McCaskill a typical knee-jerk liberal who wants to see as many abortions as possible?  And how can she possibly think the phrase "legitimate rape" is acceptable?

Well, it's easy.

It seems that Claire McCaskill helped get the mentally defective Todd Akin nominated as her opponent in the Missouri Senate race.  See the link here, among others.  Key paragraph:

McCaskill, of course, wants Akin right where he is, a wounded challenger who can be beaten in November. In fact, McCaskill invested in helping Akin win the GOP primary earlier this month, spending $2 million on ads describing Akin as “too conservative.” She got her wish, as Akin won in a three-way race with 36 percent of the vote.

Yes, Senator McCaskill, one of President Obama's most loyal supporters, used critical campaign funds that could have been used in her fall general election campaign to prop up the candidacy of one Todd Akin, a Republican.  She did this because she realized that Akin was the easiest Republican to beat.  She knew that Akin was a walking time bomb, and it would only be a matter of time before he said something irredeemably offensive or stupid (or both).

That $2 million no doubt help get Akin the nomination.  In a nine person field with only three serious contenders, all Akin was needed was 36%  of the vote to get the nomination.  The other two major contenders got around 30% each.  

Not only did the money from McCaskill help, but so did the fact that Missouri has an open primary system.  Anyone registered to vote, regardless of party affiliation, can vote in the party primary of their choice.  So no doubt many Democrats, trying to help McCaskill out, voted for Akin.

Well, that's sleazy politics, to be sure, but it's legal.  But since McCaskill supported Akin and helped him win, she has to take responsibility for her actions.  So while we all condemn Akin's moronic statement about rape victims not getting pregnant, let's be sure to condemn McCaskill for the very same thing.

So, Senator McCaskill, since you wanted Akin to get the nomination so badly that you donated a whopping $2 million to his cause, we now have the ability to hang his ignorant and offensive comments around your head too, as well as his.  Seems only fair.

So remember, Missourians, if you vote for McCaskill, you're not only voting for someone who supports Obamacare, but for someone who supports banning abortions for victims of rape, and who, apparently, believes that if a woman is "legitimately" raped, her body will shut down so she doesn't get pregnant.

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