Friday, August 24, 2012

Thanks, Todd!

Well, the inevitable happened, because, well, it was inevitable.  Latest Rasmussen Reports poll shows that Romney is now trailing Obama by a point in the key state of Missouri.  See the story here.

I predicted this a few days ago right here.  Not only is this nincompoop going to cost the Republicans a totally winnable Senate seat, but he may cost Romney a state that was long ago considered a lock for him.  Recall that in 2008's Obama rout, McCain actually won the state by a hair.

There's not much more Republicans can do about Todd Akin.  He is a small, selfish, clueless, ignorant man with the apparent I.Q. of a petri dish.  But one thing that Republicans must do is something I wrote about here.  

Whenever any Republican is being interviewed about Akin, it is imperative that the first words out of their mouth include the fact that Akin only got the nomination because his Democratic opponent financed his campaign.  Remind the voters that Akin won what was an essentially a three-person race with only 36% of the vote.  Remind them that 60% of the voters wanted someone else, but since the other two candidates were both good, they split the vote evenly and Airhead Akin snuck in.  Remind them that McCaskill was so desperate to have a week opponent that she contributed more money to his campaign then Akin was able to collect on his own.  And remind them that many Democrats, wanting to help McCaskill get another term, voted in the Republican primary for Akin.

Not only should every Republican recite these facts when asked about Akin, but if he doesn't drop out soon, the RNC should start running ads saying this.  First in Missouri, then nationwide as the negative impact of this man's cluelessness and selfishness grows.

It must be done.

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