Saturday, August 18, 2012

Ryan to be the Conservative Leader For Years to Come

It would be tough to find a more consistently brilliant columnist than Charles Krauthamer (though Thomas Sowell is definitely a contender). In his latest column (see here)  he points out that so-called "moderate" Mitt Romney has set the Republican Party on a very conservative path for the next generation by picking Paul Ryan as his Veep.  And certainly Ryan is no RINO.

Here's the best paragraph from his column:

Image. Ryan, fresh and 42, brings youth, energy, and vitality — the very qualities Obama projected in 2008 and has by now depleted. “Hope and change” has become “the other guy killed a steelworker’s wife.” From transcendence to the political gutter in under four years. A new Olympic record.

Although calling Obama's tactics the "political gutter" may be a bit generous.  Toilet? Sewer?

Whatever, it surely stinks.

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